In this second novel, Harold Covington continues his chronicles of the Redmond family. In 1652, a defeated Cavalier of the royalist cause of King Charles II returns to an England ruled by his arch enemy, Oliver Cromwell. Captain Denzil Redmond comes home to find his ancestral estate and all his property has been seized by his neighbours, the Pelham family, crafty Puritans and merchants who supported the Parliamentary side during England’s Civil Wars and who are now virtual rulers of the shire, backed by Cromwell’s New Model Army.

But even worse, Denzil Redmond’s former lover and betrothed, Katherine Pelham, has become a convert to Puritanism and is set to marry a prominent Puritan and personal enemy of Denzil’s, Sir Francis Staton. Denzil has lost his home, his wealth, his title, his love, and his king. Yet he will not accept defeat. He fights back with nothing but a resolution as hard as steel to never give up, and his incredible marksmanship and mastery of the flintlock pistols at his side.

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