Remembering those that came before us



Harold Covington

Founder of the imperative and the Northwest Front.

Birthday: 14th of September.

Founder of the Butler plan.

Pastor Richard Butler and his wife Betty.

Robert Jay Mathews

Birthday: January the 16th

Pastor Robert (Bob) Miles

Birthday: January the 28th

Jeff Hughes

Autobiography of David Lane

Birthday: November the 2nd

David Lane

Colonel House AKA Dan Coplitz RFNs original editor

Birthday: March the 9th

George Lincoln Rockwell

Birthday: July the 5th

Edgar Steele

Dr. William Pierce

Lavoy Finnicum

Joseph Stack

Kevin Shifflett’s murder by the nigger Gregory Devon Murphy

Mary Phagan murdered by the Jew, Leo Frank

Birthday: April the 20th

Adolf Hitler


Léon Degrelle

Birthday: 15 June

Belgian politician, Publisher, National socialist (1906-1994)

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