The near impossibility of ignoring one’s own ego made an accurate recording of my own life a difficult task. The thinking processes of every individual are in the very nature of things influenced by our biological and egoistic essence. For example, one of the few memories I have of life with my biological family consists of struggle over what appears to have been our only toy. I remember the situation as one in which my older brother refused to let me play with our toy train. However, nearly forty years later when my biological sister was finally able to locate and reunite what remained of the family, she related that I was at least as selfish as any child tends to be. Still, I will do my best to relate this story with as little egoistic influence as is possible. The reader should, also,know that the whole story of my battle with the United States Government and the powers behind it cannot be told, or must be obfuscated. I was sentenced to 190 years in prison for not talking, so obviously there are things which must remain untold.

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