The Butler Plan: The Homeland

The proposed White Homeland consists of a core territory of three complete Northwest American states and part of a fourth, specifically Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Montana west of Interstate 15. At various times in the past, other parts of the Northwest have been suggested as potentially forming part of the Homeland. These include the northern third of California above Redding, the state of Wyoming, all or part of the state of Alaska, and the present Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. There is an independence movement in Alaska, but it is kosher conservative and capitalist in nature and thus useless as a vehicle for racial survival. A separatist movement with a distinct racial tinge to it already exists in Western Canada, but seems to be moribund. This document will proceed on the basis only of the core U.S. states within which we must concentrate our initial resettlement efforts. Depending on the geopolitical and strategic situation, when the time comes to make a bid for freedom, it would certainly be advisable to liberate as much territory as possible. Like a newlywed couple with big plans for the future, we need to build our house large and with many rooms, that we may fill it with children.

The Northwest American Republic Draft Constitution

The Northwest American Republic shall be a Homeland solely for the use and habitation of White people of all nationalities, cultures and creeds worldwide, in order that Western civilization may be preserved and White children may be raised to responsible adulthood in safety, prosperity and tranquility. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. Such is the overriding principle of this Constitution.