Lone Wolf Terrorism – RFN Apr. 03, 2023 #558

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00:00 Intro.

01:25 Doug reruns a segment from comrade Jason on lone wolf attacks and why they don’t work.

10:23 Music brake, The day will come – Hiraeth.

16:59 Compassion, virtue, character and power, Who to blame in our hour of darkness.

21:31 I am a Northwest volunteer, the deeds and commandments of a volunteer.

24:13 Gretchen discusses the book by Richard Lin, race differences and intelligence.

31:03 Music brake, We Are The West – Hiraeth.

36:02 The way to victory – No compromise with jews and traitors, study there successes and move on.

44:16 Doug discusses the podcast music from Hiraeth part of the White Art Collective.

45:06 Music brake, The Calling – Hiraeth, from the latest album Woven.

49:41 Doug discusses the difference between imperative action of a Northwest Volunteer and the in the moment emotional failings of lone wolf actions.

58:16 Outro.

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