RFN June 26, 2022 #554

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1:32 Harold discusses the difference between Hate and the survival of our race.
7:00 message from Davey Jones discussing his recent scouting trip and meeting up with other volunteers in the Homeland.
10:38 A plea from our White women of the world.
12:59 Music brake.
17:18 Gretchen reviews MANU ‘For The Man To Come’ by Miguel Serrano.
25:28 Hate crimes, what is hate?
28:01 Music brake.
32:35 Doug addresses some news in the Homeland. (Important, listen!)
46:44 Music brake.
51:20 Harold discusses what YOU can do.

2 thoughts on “RFN June 26, 2022 #554

  1. (Hypothetically speaking of course), PF’s antics could have actually been very useful if they had put in a *TINY* bit of thought in their execution and made a couple of contingency plans. They really *ought* to read the Northwest Novels. (Again, I don’t advocate for doing anything illegal. This is all hypothetical.)

    As usual though, PF is a great example of what NOT to do. All of this could have been avoided if those illiterates had simply taken separate vehicles, put their gear on in advance, not dressed like a small [expletive] army, and coordinated this with *AT LEAST* the same level of professionalism as a highschool football team. Then they could have E&E’d and been out of there before anyone had been the wiser. Beers and pizza provided at the nearest highway tavern back in Boise, ID or Spokane, WA.

    But as usual, PF is more about ‘the memes’ and ‘muh ‘Murica’ and not about being serious. Again, this isn’t hard. None of this is hard. What I find absolutely [expletive] infuriating is how these morons could rent a uhaul but not one of those guys decided to use it to COME HOME.

    1. as the SAS say plan prepare proceed, Pf jumped to the end, either glowy or monumentally stupid, but alas better to learn from the mistakes of others than to constantly stumble in the dark.

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