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A specter is haunting the White race – the prospect of extinction.

The White race is dying; it faces actual physical extinction in the not-too-distant future because White people are not replacing themselves and their homelands are being overrun by hostile non-whites.

The hour is late.

It is time for every White man and woman of good stock and moral character to become aware of this impending tragedy, recognize their genetic interests, take their own side, and join the struggle to their race from extinction.

This book is solely concerned about the welfare of the White race, which is defined herein as anybody with wholly European ancestry. More precisely, the White race consists of the Europid subraces (using John R. Baker’s taxonomy in his 1974 book Race) that originated on the European continent, no matter where they live today.

It does not include the peoples of northern Africa or southwestern Asia, nor does the White race include Jews – a genetically-distinct ethnic group.

While the term “White race” describes a biological group and its subgroups, the White race can also be divided into groups whose members share both genetic and cultural heritages.

These groups may be called ethnicities (or ethnic groups) or nations depending upon the degree of group awareness among the members.

Ethnicities and nations usually live, or traditionally have lived, in a
particular territory of their own that they consider their homeland.

Critical to White racial salvation – the freedom and survival of the White race – are White homelands.

White homelands are those territories on the European continent in which European nations live, or have traditionally lived, and call their own and those territories outside Europe in which Europeans settled and ruled as the ethno-cultural core in new homelands until fairly recently.

The White homelands include the national territories of Europe and the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The European diaspora since the fifteenth century carried European civilization with it.

The terms “European societies” and “European culture,” therefore, include European settler societies such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and the culture of these societies.

In this book, “European,” “Western,” and White are synonymous (unless the context indicates otherwise) but “Western” is usually used to describe Europe and its settler societies instead of “European” to avoid confusion.

Europe is the genetic and cultural cradle of Western civilization, which began with the secondary cultures called Minoan and Hellenic and continued with the tertiary cultures called Greek Christian and Latin Christian.

We are living in the transitional epoch to a fourth stage of culture
called quaternary – a scientific era dominated by nation-states and powered by industrialism.

The development of a world-wide quaternary culture and society is indispensable for the salvation of the White race and the evolutionary advancement of humanity.

The creation of a White quaternary culture and society, however, has been obstructed by a problem within the Western world.

This book explains the problem and offers a solution in order to begin the Quaternary Era.