The Stars In Their Path: A Novel of Reincarnation by Harold Covington

The Stars In Their Path: A Novel of Reincarnation

Reincarnation is the ancient belief that the human soul does not perish at death, but is reborn in a new body and lives on, again and again, in different lifetimes and different ages. Underground cult novelist H. A. Covington’s long-awaited tenth book follows the many lifetimes of three human souls down through the centuries, two men and one woman. The three are bound together by a common destiny and a powerful mission, for the time is approaching in the future when the soul of the woman must face a test that will shape the course of the universe itself, and she must be made ready for that crisis which is yet to come. From the intrigue-riddled court of Catherine de Medici to the terror of the Salem witchcraft trials, from rural Ireland to the blazing guns of the Wild West and on into the present day, the battle for her soul is replayed again and again. In every lifetime the girl Margarita must in the end choose between the forces of Light and Darkness, as the time draws near when she must make her final choice, for herself and for all humanity.

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