The Redmond Bloodline Saga

These novels follow the Redmond family line, from medieval England to mid 90s North Carolina.

Harold corvington is well known for the Northwest Independence novels and the Redmond family lineage can be read about in a Distant Thunder with Matt and Heather Redmond making a small appearance as the founder’s of the NVAs  dreaded third section and we meet Tori Redmond, Heathers daughter in a Freedoms Sons along with the son of Matt’s brother.

These novels although not racially separatist and ethnocentric like the Northwest Independence novels show the grand tapestry that give us not just a stunning, entertaining and sometimes funny as hell history lesson but show us a great deal in regards to White character and the good and bad in mankind.

An epic journey indeed.

Rose of Honor by Harold Covington

Vindictus by Harold Covington

Bonnie Blue Murder by Harold Covington

Fire and Rain by Harold Covington

Slow Coming Dark By Harold Covington