Rose of Honor

A fast-paced and gripping tale of murder, power politics, and passion in the days when knighthood was in bold and bloody flower. No sugary Renaissance Fayre here; this is the real medieval McCoy.

In the fifteenth century, England is shaken to the foundation by the bloody Wars of the Roses between the two rival dynasties of Lancaster and York. John Redmond, a young knight at the royal court, is faced with a choice: he can win the love of his heart only through the betrayal of his family and his own beliefs. The choice he makes leads to murder and to the loss of the woman he loves, but also to John’s marriage to a beautiful and passionate young noblewoman and his own advancement to wealth and renown as a soldier and a leader of men during the ferocious civil war. Finally the conflict ends and John seems set for a life of peace and prosperity under a new king. But then his past returns to confront him, and a terrible drama must be played out to the end.

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