Slow Coming Dark By Harold Covington

Slow Coming Dark, A Novel of the Age of Clinton

Matt Redmond is a tough and honest cop. He retired from the DEA when he could no longer stomach the politics and the corruption of Federal law enforcement, and returned to his native North Carolina to start a second career as a detective for the State Bureau of Investigation. Now he has a new wife, an adopted daughter, a cheese-hungry cat, and a satisfying life of love and stability after many turbulent years of violence and intrigue. But his past continues to haunt him, and his very reputation for honesty, integrity, and fearlessness in the face of government corruption and oppression drags him and his loved ones into a web of bloodshed and danger. Redmond is on the case whether he likes it or not, and it turns into a race against death for himself, for his family, and for a young woman and her newborn baby. The trail of lies and murder finally leads back to its poisonous source in the very heart of the Clinton White House, and to save himself and his family, Matt must follow it there.

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