Designing the Future by Jacque Fresco

Note: while books such as these are useful in there attempt to help folk brake out of the current jewish capitalist paradigm in search of (no government) alternatives like the Venus Project, a donation based nonprofit organization that wants to replace a monetary system with a resource based one, founded by the self proclaimed social engineer Jacque Fresco, it should be noted that the issue of race and natural law is completely striped away and replaced with humanism, the only reference to race is a footnote on page 63 completely rejecting race as an issue and like many, Mr. Fresco believes that one can simply opt out with no retaliation.

But in saying all that it must also be noted that in a clean and protected Ethnostate many concepts and ideas in the book do have merit to mankind and the continuing action to secure the existence of our race later on down the road.

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