White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell

Essential piece of mid-century American political history, the manifesto – alternately cloudy and brilliant, illuminating and maddening, and lucid and pellucid – of the original self-proclaimed ‘neo-Nazi’: the anticommunist, iconoclastic, bombastic, cocky, shock jock ‘rock star’ speaker and politician George Lincoln Rockwell, one of the last ideologues of the ‘Old Right’. He was shot dead by a traitorous one of his own men days after the sending of this manuscript to the printers.

In this work, he is at his best when working to overcome the false left-right political spectrum in fits and starts and diagnosing the decadence and moral lassitude of late modern Western Civilization (at points prophetic); at his worst when proposing contradictory and overly-extreme solutions proposed to the problems he (rightly or wrongly) identified, and when veering (a bit too often) in to the realm of conspiracy theory, and always in to good old-fashioned racialism.

This book is impossible to rate objectively on any single scale, whether of historical importance, on its own merits and demerits (impossible because the work is so multifarious and disjointed, with so many thoughts carried through on the leitmotiv of racialism, that it can not be evaluated as a coherent whole), on correspondence or lack thereof to other truths, etc.: I can only conclude tentatively that the work contains on itself everything from negative-star garbage to five-star thought, though of a decidedly instinctual, amateur, and non-rigorous type.

Definitely not easily digestible reading for modern homo Americanus – for the better of antimodern, reactionary homo sapiens.

He was a poet, too. Not bad, technically speaking:

‘His eyes are lit with fire, yet sadness forms his face,
yet his heart burns with desire to bring freedom to his race.
Once they ruled an empire, but lost those glorious days:
they toil now in factories as little more than slaves.

‘He’s an Aryan warrior, like an eagle taking flight…’


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