The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L. Bradberry

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I served in the United States Navy from 1955 until 1977, mostly as a Navy pilot, and saw a lot of the
world as a result. Aircraft carriers on which I served regularly visited European ports, as well as
other ports around the world. I have also traveled extensively in the years since leaving the Navy.
After traveling around most of Europe, Germany emerges as my favorite country. During our
visits there we found the German people to be pleasant, industrious, disciplined and civilized with
many similarities to traditional Americans. They in no way resemble the stereotypes depicted in all
the anti-Nazi movies, books and articles we have been subjected to over the years.
I am 74 as I write these words. My generation grew up virtually inundated with anti-German
propaganda. We were taught, quite literally, to hate the Germans as a people. Yet, Germans I have
met or befriended through the years seem no different from other Europeans, or even Americans, and
they seem no more inclined to violence and militarism than anyone else; if anything, less. I have never
detected anything that might be considered intrinsically “wrong” with the German character. They are
a highly cultured, highly civilized people in every respect. When studied objectively, even Germany’s
leaders of the 1930s and 40s were not very different from other European leaders. They were only
made out to be different by the relentless hate propaganda directed against them.
Germany suffered more than any other country by far as a result of World War II. Some 160 of
her largest cities and towns were completely destroyed by the Allied bombing campaign and perhaps
as many as 20 million Germans lost their lives as a result of the war. Yet, no one wants to hear their
tales of suffering, and no sympathy has been allowed the defeated and disgraced Germans. The anti-
German propaganda has cultivated the general feeling that they got what they deserved.
The entire responsibility for starting both wars and for all the death and destruction resulting
from them has been assigned to the Germans (though the facts don’t bear that out). Because they were
the losers of both World Wars, they were never permitted to present their case before the world
court, nor to tell their side of the story through any medium. The winners of wars, after all, write the
history books. Neither did the true story of what happened during the war come out in the Nuremberg
Trials. The Nuremberg Trials were nothing more than Soviet style show trials which violated every
standard of traditional British and American justice. Their purpose was not to discover guilt or
innocence, but to spread a legal gloss over a decision which had already been made to execute
Germany’s leaders. The entire Nuremberg circus was a sham and a travesty.
The anti-German propaganda, used to create the climate of hatred that made the massive
destruction and the mass slaughter of German civilians possible, continued relentlessly long after the
war was over when it would seem natural for sober minded historians to begin to moderate their
extreme views about Germany. The fantastic atrocity stories continue even today. One needs only to
tune in to the History Channel to see them repeated again and again. In contrast, World War I was not
long over before the atrocity stories attributed to the Germans during that war were exposed as the
deliberate lies they were. Responsible men conducted thorough investigations and found that none of
it was true. All the lurid stories were deliberately fabricated to win British public support for the war
against Germany and also to bring America into the war.
But a different factor was in play after World War II to keep the phony horror stories alive
which did not exist after World War I. After WWII, the Jews exploited the anti-German world
sentiment, which they themselves had largely created with their propaganda, to justify the creation of
their long sought after state of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people. Through manipulation of
the international information media, the Jews won worldwide sympathy for themselves with their
sensational stories of unique Jewish suffering at the hands of the cruel Germans. They claimed that
Germany had followed a systematic plan to exterminate all of Europe’s Jews and that by war’s end
had managed to kill 6 million of them. The alleged method was to round the Jews up from all over
Europe, haul them in trains to so-called “death camps” where they were herded into gas chambers
and killed, and their bodies then burned in giant crematoria, with, conveniently, no forensic evidence
of what had happened left behind. In the absence of forensic evidence, eye witness testimony, no
matter how bazaar, sufficed to convict Germany and to make her the pariah of civilized nations.
The judges at the Nuremberg Trials were themselves not immune to the torrents of anti-German
hate propaganda, and were already predisposed before the trials ever began to believe any horror
story, no matter how fantastic, about the Germans. Another factor which preordained the outcome of
the trials was that the accusers also served as investigators, prosecutors and final judges. The trials
were also permeated throughout with an atmosphere of Jewish vengeance seeking. Just behind the
Gentile front men, most of the lawyers, prosecutors, and investigators were Jews. Hundreds of Jews
who could barely speak English disported themselves in American Army officer uniforms. Two of the
eight Nuremberg judges were Jews, Robert Falco of France, and Lt. Col. A.F. Volchkov (real name
Berkman) of the Soviet Union. The General Prosecutor for the “High Court” was Dr. Jakob Meistner,
a Jew. Their dominance and control of the trials was blatant. Even the hangman for the 10 Nazi
leaders sentenced to death, Master Sergeant John C. Woods, was a Jew, and the hangings took place
on October 16, 1946, the Jewish holiday of “Purim.” In the Book of Esther, the 10 sons of Haman, an
enemy of the Jews, were hanged on Purim day. According to Louis Marschalko, a wartime Hungarian
journalist who wrote about the trials: “Out of 3,000 people employed on the staff at the Nuremberg
Courts, 2,400 were Jews.” The Holocaust story that we all know so well today was developed during
the Nuremberg Trials.
By skillfully cultivating and propagating this Holocaust story, the Jews have been able to extort
hundreds of billions of dollars out of Germany and the United States, much of which was used to fund
the new state of Israel. The claim that the Jews in Israel “made the desert bloom” was true. They did
it with German and American money. They are now hard at work extorting more billions out of other
European countries in what has been contemptuously but correctly called “the Holocaust industry.”
Even now, more than half a million so-called “Holocaust survivors” living mainly in Israel and the
United States receive lifetime pensions from the German government. And what is a “Holocaust
survivor?” Any Jew who lived anywhere in German controlled territory at any time during the war,
whether living in a concentration camp or in the lap of luxury, is a Holocaust survivor and therefore
eligible for a German pension. Moreover, any Jew who was forced to leave Europe during the Nazi
era is a Holocaust survivor. Christian survivors of the war, no matter how horrific their experience
are not eligible for pensions. “Shoah” is the Hebrew word for Holocaust. It has been joked around
that “there’s no business like shoah business.” The entire Holocaust racket has become nothing so
much as a vast shakedown of European countries, especially Germany. The Holocaust story has other
uses as well. It is routinely invoked to disarm the general public from defending itself against Jewish
predations. Prime Minister Netanyahu regularly invokes the Holocaust to justify Israeli attacks upon
its neighbors.
Keeping this gravy train moving requires the continued legitimization of Jews as history’s
ultimate victim group, which, in turn, requires an ultimate victimizer of the Jews, and Germany has
been designated to fill that role in perpetuity. The Jewish controlled History Channel, or the “Hitler
Channel,” as it is sometimes derisively called, owes its success to endlessly repeating these anti-
German propaganda programs. Any modification or revision of this carefully cultivated image of
Germany as the evil monster of history, and particularly as the evil victimizer of the Jews, would
threaten the entire Holocaust story. Therefore this image is jealously and carefully guarded by the
Jewish controlled press and information media, and woe upon anyone who dares to question it.
Anyone who does so is immediately attacked and smeared as a deranged anti-Semite.
The Jews are also unwilling to relinquish or even to moderate their quest for revenge. Old men
who have suffered all their lives as fugitives, are still being tracked down as “war criminals,” and
either “brought to justice,” or summarily murdered on the spot (they call it vengeance). The only
crime these old men may be guilty of was being an officer or soldier in the German army during the
But, why, one might ask, amidst all the carnage, death and destruction that occurred during
World War II, has the so-called Holocaust emerged as the central atrocity story? Approximately 55
million people died during the war, only a tiny percentage of them Jews — surely only a fraction of
the 6 million claimed. All other combatant nationalities have long since put the war behind them and
have tried to make peace with their former enemies, but not the Jews! Two thirds of a century has
gone by, but the Jews are still nourishing their grievances, still building Holocaust museums and
memorials (at various governments’ expense, incidentally), and still investigating new ways to extort
money out of various countries as “compensation.” But why should only the Jews be compensated?
Scores of millions of other people across Europe lost everything in the war.
The “Holocaust” has evolved over the years to become the national myth of the Jewish people
with all the characteristics of a religion, complete with its very own Satan — Hitler. The Holocaust
myth is the glue that holds the Jewish people together as a distinct nationality, and because of that they
carefully guard and protect it. As a consequence, the poor Germans are consigned in perpetuity to the
role of history’s evil monster, regardless of what the actual facts may be.
But even if all the stories of German atrocities during WWII were true in every detail, they
would still not compare in their inhumanity to the atrocities committed against the Germans. The
indiscriminate saturation bombing of German cities, the brutal expulsion of entire German
populations after the war, the Allied imposed postwar deprivations, the Soviet massacres and
political liquidations, simply dwarf the Holocaust in their destruction of human life and their
destruction of the accumulated works of human civilization. Any final accounting and balancing of the
conduct of all combatants during WWII could only result in the exculpation of Germany as “uniquely”
barbarous in her methods of waging war, or in her treatment of subject populations.
The German people were devastated by the war, to a greater extent than any other participant,
including the Jews, while at the same time they have been stigmatized as the evil, predatory
perpetrators of the war. They have been made to pay a terrible price for atrocities during World War
II which may never have occurred, or at least, never occurred to the extent alleged. It is becoming
clearer as time goes by that the Germans were the real victims of both World Wars I and II, and
continue to be.