When sheep are added to other farming enterprises, it may be advisable, from a mana-gerial standpoint, to lamb when labor is not needed for other activities. Lamb prices. Lamb prices normally fluctuate during the year, and it may be more profitable to produce lambs. Sheep Books specializes books on lamb problems, managing your ewe and her new born lambs, sheep breeding and sheep diseases. Extensive information on sheep farming, raising, breeding and showing can be found in our sheep books. It is perfectly possible to farm sheep profitably on a small piece of land, says Jannie Fourie, National Wool Growers’ Association production advisor. To do this, never exceed the carrying capacity of your land, manage your operation carefully, and keep a record of everything.

The sheep is pulled upward as the shearer steps back-ward, positioning his feet against, actually under, the sheep. The sheep has been raised up to free its right foreleg for shearing, this is the “whipping side,” a term dating from pre-horsedrawn farming days to the oxen era. Raising sheep is rewarding – whether it be for one’s livelihood, as a source of homegrown food or as a hobby. But success in raising sheep requires good planning in advance and solid, continual. Goat & Sheep Farming Guide is compilation of goat & sheep farming free books & guides for the benefits of goat & sheep farmers, veterinarian and those who are involved in goat & sheep farming business. These guides and books are written by renowned veterinarians who are specialized in goat & sheep. Through these guides you can get a very good idea about goat & sheep farming business.

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