Race, Evolution & Behavior: A Life History Perspective by J. Philippe Rushton

Using evidence from psychology, anthropology, sociology and other scientific disciplines, this book shows that there are three biological races (subspecies) of man: Orientals (i.e., Mongoloids or Asians), Blacks (i.e., Negroids or Africans), and Whites (i.e., Caucasoids or Europeans). There are recognizable profiles for the three major racial groups on brain size, intelligence, personality and temperament, sexual behavior, and rates of fertility, maturation and longevity. The profiles reveal that, ON AVERAGE, Orientals and their descendants around the world fall at one end of the continuum, Blacks and their descendants around the world fall at the other end of the continuum, Europeans regularly fall in between. This worldwide pattern implies evolutionary and genetic influences are far more influential than social, political, economic, or cultural causes.

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