Lebensraum! by Ingrid Rimland

Tell it, Ingrid. Spell it. Put the snake on the table.

Ingrid Rimland’s magnificent trilogy, Lebensraum, does exactly so. Spanning 200 years, her family saga is no small history. The empirical burns through novel gossamer like skewer-lightning.

This is history from those who lived it.

I can smell the wheat after a rain. That wavering sea of the Ukraine. Rimland’s canvas paints tall, blonde sons laying open the furrows. German settlements embraced in virtuous, robust, dancing mirth. The good women who gave them birth. The bread. The marriage bed. The Vareniki.

Make me feel the Christian Sovereignty of the Czars. Let me see the snow from between a well-kept horse’s ears, wrapped in all the right winter gear. Open to me a kitchen where Godly matrons rule. Introduce me to 800,000 acres where steel plows deep – on just one farm.

Through the lives of these Kulak families, the reader learns history that has been kept out of the books. You might ask why. Perhaps it is because the same ilk who slaughtered the last Czar of Russia, his family, servants and even their little dog – is writing your history books, newspapers, magazines, dictionaries, and most of what passes for intellectual property. They own most of the publishing houses. These jokers have a lot to hide. So let’s read on.

Before the Bolshevik Revolution, honest work garnered prosperity in Russia and the Ukraine. On the steppes, people once had life – and had it abundantly. The German farmers who settled there, reaped what they sowed. And did so at regal invitation. “A plow, a rake, a fork, a prayer – such were his tools…” Rimland writes, “The settlers multiplied and prospered. There was lard in the pantry, food on the table, Faith in tomorrow, joy in today.”

They were good, Godly people. Their creed was, “Stand tall. Speak truth. Bring work and joy to Russia and honor to His Kingdom.” What’s not to like? You should ask Josef Stalin and his Jewish coterie of Marxist murderers. Because after they killed the Czar, they came for the German Christians with bayonets, rifle butts and cattle cars to Siberia. Christians disappeared into unmarked graves. Those who remained became slaves to the State and they all knew, “…the shortest way to global unity was over a dead body” (bottom of page 263, Book Two).

What ensued for these German farmers is what we see going on today in the Levant. Systematic genocide. Some call it ethnic cleansing. The culprits? Same gang. History repeats itself, you see.

If you have never read a book, read this one. If you think you know your history, read this one. If you were one of my history professors, by all means, please read this one.

For those of you who think you know WWII history, you doubly need to read this book. Rimland will set the record straight. The author’s sources are close to her. Closer than you can imagine. Straight-up. No mixers.

For the beautiful Landsers who held back the red tide for a while, let what they did speak for Germany. Let General Patton speak for Germany. Let John F. Kennedy speak for Germany. Let the author’s husband speak for Germany. But above all, let Adolf Hitler speak for Germany.

Apparently Hitler, like today’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has had words put into his mouth. Both men have been demonized by their one express enemy. Both spoke a language that most Americans cannot translate for themselves. Ask yourself who has been doing the translating for the last 95 years? Who is pitting Americans against fabricated foes? Hitler wanted America and Great Britain as allies to help him fight the Bolsheviks. But instead President “Rosenfeld” crawled into bed with them. Sound familiar?

As I read Rimland’s riveting book, about the 1930’s and 40’s, I saw a clear pattern of political engineering. What happened in the USSR is happening right now in the Middle East at the hands of the same gang — dropping bombs made in the USA. Exactly-precisely as they did in WWII. Now that I know what really happened, the Memphis Belle may go to hell.

Yeah there’s a pattern. Our government screwed up in spades. Backing the Bolsheviks. Backing Mao’s China with our Flying Tigers. And now – backing the counterfeit, terrorist State of Israel. The veritable Whore of Babylon who sits on many waters. Speaks every language. And changes money in every temple.

On page 113 of Lebensraum (Book Three), one finds quotes so powerful, they strike your forehead like a particle beam, “You’re next. Your turn will come. The toothy grin is here. It’s sitting in your lodges.”

From the survivor guilt of a 1930′s refugee (whose family now grows your California raisins), comes the chillingly-prophetic “I’m speaking for you and your children. Planned terror will be next.” Keep in mind that this book was published in 1998.

Suffering from post-traumatic shock, the refugee bellows at the churches who rejected him, “The Beast is born! Its name is Cheka! Cheka! Cheka! The cobblestones around the Savior’s Gate are black with people pleading to escape. And you? America? You’re next! You are the puppets of the banksters! You are fodder for the Jews” (page 115, Book Three).

This book taught me that the victors of war write history any way they please. Truth has nothing to do with it.

To the German Kulaks who were gunned down in front of their wives and children, to the gallant Landsers who froze to death fighting hell’s mob, to the babies whose severed heads were put on saucers and set upon window sills, for the non-Jewish millions carted-off in trains to Siberian concentration camps and to Czar Nicholas and his Deutsche Braut, who choked on blood as they watched their children die beside them – Justice is still a brass ring. May they grasp it.

To these add every sailor slaughtered by the Israelis aboard the USS LIBERTY, every person killed by the Israelis on the recent flotilla to Gaza and every soul who perished in the towering inferno’s of 9/11.

Same gang. Same bat channel.

I have not scratched the surface of Ingrid Rimland’s trilogy. You want history? Can you handle the truth? Are you man enough? Then crack Lebensraum. Because you sure won’t find it on Wikipedia.

Lebensraum trilogy by Ingrid Rimland (1998)

Lebensraum, Book 1 – A Passion for Land and Peace by Ingrid Rimland (1998)

Lebensraum, Book 2 – The Theft of Land and Peace by Ingrid Rimland (1998)

Lebensraum, Book 3 – The Dream of Land and Peace by Ingrid Rimland (1998)