Focus on your race, focus on your community

For some reason many of us out there in internet land keep falling back to bad old habits that never worked in the first place but persist on social media sites like Telegram and Gab, like videos of non-White animals being savage.

This behavior of regurgitating negative imagery has nothing to do with the Northwest Front and we do not promote it in any way. Yet, we still get people telling us that they found the site but were not impressed by the content that came with the link, unfortunately there isn’t much we can do about your taste. We will keep telling the volk to read the books and listen to the podcasts until that brain mush of bad habits and laziness is removed.

The Northwest Front is about building many pockets of small racially aware communities that are prepared and have the iron will to lead or work with racially aware folk, promote discreetly and protect each other IN THE HOMELAND AND OFFLINE!  Every day we ask people to Come Home and help create these pockets.

Ironically, you will hear very little of this because, if you read the flippin’ books, you will see that this side of the movement is not public, there is no go-to guy, no marchers or fearless leaders. just many groups of Northwest migrants and assets getting it done, many of them unaware of the other but following the same plan, The Butler Plan.

Yes, there are those that have more responsibility and are vetted, but chances are you will never meet them, this is not a social club or an Elk’s Lodge. Ironically they are too busy getting the job done in the Homeland and you don’t join the NF the NF joins you, if you are in the Homeland and are getting it done.

The dev crew is a group of assets that promote this plan online but we will not be here on the net forever, nor do we want to be, we are not here for your entertainment, we are here to get boots on the ground in the Northwest.

The dev crew have three jobs: that is to analyze, make note of or attempt to correct bad behaviors and attitudes and to help with the constructive information to get you home and get you building a future for our race and our children.

We don’t care about what non-Whites and jews are doing WE KNOW, YOU KNOW!

It is about us! NOT them, get it into your heads full of mush, its about getting boots on the ground in the Northwest. – Mr Readthe!@#$inbooks