Sometimes humanity must literally sweat blood in order to survive

“If there is to be any hope, we must have state power in a land of our own, and that can only be achieved through revolution. There is neither any need or any future for a ‘White civil rights organization’ that politely begs and pleads with a tyrant to be so kind as to cease oppressing us. This kind of activity is a pointless and absurd waste of time. Our entire effort must be to prepare for the day when we will approach ZOG with something in our hand other than our hat. It is not up to the establishment to give or grant us anything. It is up to us to take back our rights and our freedom, if we are men enough to do so, and to die if we’re not.

I’m going to be very blunt about this: there are times throughout history when corruption and crisis become so acute, when the very fabric of civilization becomes so strained, that mankind must purge the poison from the body politic at any cost. Sometimes there is no other way for this to come about except for the gangrened limbs to be amputated. Sometimes humanity must literally sweat blood in order to survive. We are headed for such a culmination of our present crisis and we must understand and accept that. There is a time of blood, death, and fire on the horizon, and this is not something that we have any choice about. We must understand it, accept it, and prepare for it.

The Northwest Front has to spend the first few years of it’s existence building a network of small cells and affinity groups in every White community in the Homeland. There’s no harm in raising a little hell with the local ZOG while we do it, but the main thrust of it all must be to prepare an infrastructure which will be ready and waiting when the time comes.

We must identify members of our community, especially the young, who have the potential to become the leaders of our people in a true struggle for national and racial liberation. We must recruit them, teach them and prepare them, and every local unit must have available to itself the kind of plant, equipment, and resources that will be necessary when the time comes to strike into the political mainstream.

It must all be done right, and it must be done right from the beginning. I cannot overemphasize my profound personal conviction that we are running out of time, and we can no longer afford these constant false starts and dead ends. I don’t know how much time I have left, but I’m going to devote that time to trying to bring the vision of a Northwest American Republic into reality.

…I could use some help, guys.”

— HAC, RFN ep 077, 14 Jul 2011