Dealing with hecklers, trolls and naysayers…

The first fundamental principle you need to have in check is emotion, everyone has it, men a tad less but it’s there just like ego. The enemy, made up of mostly sociopaths feed off it, they prod and poke. You must learn to sanitize emotion and ego in these moments, the enemy can not dine on an empty plate.

The second fundamental principle is the golden rule and empathy, I don’t mean feeling sorry for ’em, I mean taking the time to analyze their behavior, the words they use and why they are using them.

The third fundamental principle is to pull as much data as possible about them, have they had the same argument already, how did it go?

The forth and final principle is to punish them while typing nothing and continuing to repeat the punishment every time they reply until they stop.

Reasoning with fools only makes you the bigger fool.

I use video presentations, but there are alternatives.

download link here.