Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

The book traces the history of education (mostly in government schools, but some in private schools and private home schools) from the late 1800s to 1999. The author shares peoples names, companies, government organizations, national and international groups that have had their fingers in this deliberate process over the years. It is very disturbing. Some of them were people you would have thought you could trust. The main agenda (cutting through all the smoke and mirrors) is to make the people lemming-like so that they will follow the “enlightened” toward a global, godless, Marxist-like society. Their plan has been (and still is) to do it incrementally in tiny steps, so that most people won’t notice. They have been extremely successful, because the media and the government (both major parties and a few minor parties) endorse the agenda and cheer it on (some know exactly what they are doing while others are blind, but think they are doing the right thing). The tendency is to think that everyone else was dumbed down except yourself. Anyone who is willing to read this is likely less affected than the masses, but you will find that almost no one educated in America over the last 100+ years has finished their education years with a “pure education,” but it’s been especially bad in the more recent years.

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