Collected Works – George Lincoln Rockwell

The essays contained in this book were written and published during the lifetime of George Lincoln Rockwell. Together with his two books, This Time the World and White Power, they accurately represent the worldview of one of America’s most enigmatic postwar political figures—a man who literally leapt into national prominence out of nowhere by being the first American to openly declare himself to be a National Socialist.

Some of the essays contained in this collection, such as the Fable of the Ducks and the Hens, were written before Rockwell launched his American Nazi Party in 1958, but all were reproduced once again during his lifetime in party publications or leaflets.

This volume also contains the full text of former ANP ideological officer and later leader of the National Alliance, Dr. William Pierce’s tribute to Rockwell, written after the latter’s death.

Finally, a fully comprehensive timeline of Lincoln Rockwell is included to provide the reader with a chronological sequence of his major life events.

Please note: There are claims that Lincoln Rockwell wrote three other essays, which have been given titles such as “How to Get out and Stay out of the Insane Asylum,” “The Bible on Sharp Jewish Methods” and “Nightmare.” All three of these pieces are not independent essays but in fact extracts from Rockwell’s two books, This Time the World and White Power. As such, they are not included in this collection.

In Hoc Signo Vinces
What We Stand For: The Goals & Objectives of the National Socialist White Peoples Party
White Self-Hate: Master-Stroke of the Enemy
From Ivory Tower to Privy Wall: On the Art of Propaganda
The Fable of the Ducks and Hens
The Playboy Interview
Battle Song
Lincoln Rockwell—A National Socialist Life by Dr. William Pierce
Rockwell Timeline

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