Revolution & How to Do it in a Modern Society – Kai Murros

Revolution – Kai Murros

Kai Murros was born in 1969 in Helsinki. He spent the years 1990-1999 at the University of Helsinki studying various subjects, mainly history and oriental languages. In his Master of Arts Thesis Murros studied the gradual change of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army from a guerrilla army to a modern professional army.

In his numerous TV and Radio appearances Murros raised a nationwide scandal with his radically nationalist views and appetite for ruthless measures. Murros openly threatened leading Finnish CEOs and politicians that after in the aftermath of the national revolution they would sent to prison camps as enemies of the people.

Today Murros leads a quiet life of a free thinker tending his garden in the northern outskirts of his native Helsinki.

Revolution and How to Do It in a Modern Society reads like instruction manual for revolutionaries. Why revolution, you ask? According to Murros, society is on a natural course toward self destruction and revolution is inevitable. There’s a right way to do things, however, and that’s what this book intends to explain.