Short Clip From The War Of Northwest Independence Series Chapter 9 – Welcome To The Lunatic Fringe Boys!

Chapter 9 Lunatic Fringe – The story of Zack Hatfield, after seeing his friend he had known since childhood locked up in Clatsop County jail, Steven King’s crime was one of the most serious on both the Oregon and the federal statute books, and under state regulations he had to be kept under the strict restraint and supervision.

King had found his wife, the mother of his two children Caity and Judy, who happened to be in there bedrooms upstairs at the time, in the front room engaged in an affair with another woman, and some melted chocolate, and king in shock had uttered the words that sent him on a one way car ride to court then jail, just because he said dyke?.

It wasn’t right, and Zack Hatfield had finally had enough of what ain’t right!

Harold Covington’s five Northwest War Of Independence novels have also been edited and compiled into a single epic, The War For Northwest Independence Series – read By Doug Morrison and guest volunteers of The Northwest Front.