The UK and Europe are lost, The Butler Plan is the only option left.

Aryan Europeans, the ones still in Europe, are the best of the Aryan race, fact. But here is the problem, they can’t and never have been able to secure their borders from each other.

Or the mass non-White races

Greece, Spain, Italy have all been hit hard in the past.

The Northwest Front is in a geographical position to combat this problem by management of a smaller number of non Whites on the continent, here we can buy the time to become a world power.

Europe is lost, Russia is a funny one that is too complex for me to comment on so I will not muddy the water here, but like Poland and the rest of Europe it is anti National Socialist, like it or not National Socialism will be part of the iron core of a healthy White homeland that can be defended.

Everything else has failed, Never in history has angry letters ever worked,

Repeal the [?] Audit the [?] Vote the [?] Wake up the [?] Hope the [?] Pray for the [?] All have one thing in common with regard to the jew.

Distraction, and inaction, wind talking and words.

Only action brought from angry men with love of their volk can create change, but we need a place to direct that… the Pacific Northwest is that place.

It’s safe to say that many European volk in the past 70 years have left and have headed to the UK, Russia, Australia and the US. This will continue and Europe will become dark, all that will be left is the White man of the Northwest, the final fight to secure our existence and a future for our children, The Butler Plan is the only option left.

Are you here to save old dying nations, I am here to save my race so it can be a new born nation.

As Doug has pointed out before, expanding post war air travel and the increasing production of boats and faster trains in Europe changed everything, don’t believe me look at the dates.

1903 the steam engine boom.

1912 The titanic got to meet Dave.

War 1914 until Germany was invaded.

Air travel boom begins, the comet, by 1950 could cruise 10 miles up at a speed of 12 miles a minute, it carried 80 passengers per flight.

In 1952 a Canberra made the first double crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in one day.

In 1970 the jumbo jet was first used across the Atlantic, carried 345 passengers.

“Travelling great distances in short times, while an (((economic))) boon, is the greatest ecological disaster in the history of the world. Strict nationalism could have mitigated the disastrous effects somewhat, but bottom line… Evolution can’t keep pace with technology.” – Doug

The addiction to voting is incredibly frustrating and pathetic, this idea that the next wind talker will fix it for us, the drug is strong and long lasting and the withdrawals destructive to White families, this toxic idea that we don’t need to do any work, the next government will fix it this time, you can’t fix death, no going back, your Rome is dead, time to create something new.

You can vote when you have something worth its salt to vote for, deciding on if your vote is worth a pinch of salt, that choice it yours.

People in England and Europe need to wake up fast, there are no White safe places left, you have a Muslim or non White taxi or delivery driver in every street day and night, your police, courts and government are infested with non Whites and faggots, you lost, deal with it, move on, Come Home.

– The Reverend