My Story – “Our Daily Bread”

car repair shop

Pretty cool thing just happened…

I was helping a customer who was looking for an alternator for his “baby mama’s” car.  This guy couldn’t have been 20 years old.  White kid, blond-haired, blue-eyed, trim.

But he was dressed like a nigger rapper. Hat on backward, tattoos all over, gold chain around his neck and gold rings on his fingers.  Talked like a nigger too.

I was just about to dismiss him as another example of White kid gone down the road of being a wigger.  But something clicked in my mind. 

This situation seamed familiar to me…  Then like a lightning bot it hit me.  This guy is the young kid that Rockwell described in “White Power” as the young beatnik he had encountered.  So I gave the kid a chance.

All I was obligated to do was sell him an alternator off an old Dodge in the yard, but I asked him what makes him think it’s the alternator.  He says because the car was running like shit and the guy at Auto Zone said he had a bad alternator.

I took him outside and tested his electrical system and it was all good.  Now this kid is talking to me like a White kid should talk to an elder.

I looked a little more and found his air intake boot at the throttle body was torn.  This would make the car run like shit because it’s getting air to the engine that the computer can’t detect.

I got him the boot off the one on the Dodge in our yard, and fixed the rough engine performance.  The kid asked me what he owed, I said spend the money on your kid. 

He asks, “Thanks man, why would you do that?”  I told him because you’re an Aryan and nobody other than Aryan’s are going to look out for each other, especially not niggers.

The kid got all wide-eyed and was speechless. 

I told him, “There is nothing more important outside your own family than your own people and that’s why I went out of my way to help you save money you didn’t need to spend and probably didn’t have to spare.  Remember what I said here today when you’re with your wannabe nigger rappers.”

“I’m not disrespecting you I’m respecting exactly who you are.”

The kid held out his hand for me to shake and I did.  I hope I see him again.

What a great day.

– One of our Pioneers in the Homeland

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