The Butler Plan is the only plan White Nationalists have that can work.

We Must Secure the Existence of Our People and a Future For White Children,

The Northwest Imperative is how we do it.



The Northwest American Republic will be a Homeland for ALL Aryans the world over.





If we were party bigwigs or jews, we would run down the whole litany of our promises.

Nothing is easier than that.

It is hard to speak the truth. Harder still to hear and understand it.

However, we know that it alone is the way to salvation:


1. Sure, each party has its program, but no party has ever carried out its program.

They could not do so in the past, nor will they be able to in the future, because all previous programs have been impossible to implement.

2. Our program is short and sweet: the freedom of White people.

The path to that is clear and simple: to free the White man and make him once again a part of a nation.

We will do anything necessary to achieve that goal.

We will not hold back from a revolution if the race’s freedom demands it. We are not afraid to break the chains that have been wrapped around our race if that is necessary to guarantee basic necessities for White families.

3. We promise nothing to the White man but this: that we will fight to the last breath for his right to exist, regardless of what it costs and what results. We offer the most that one can offer a people and its oppressed, a battle for freedom and prosperity!

Phase One: Relocation of as much of the existing racially responsible White community in North America as possible to the Pacific Northwest, through planned and assisted migration.

Phase Two: Serious mass propaganda and educational work among the native, Northwest-born White population, and also among organic migrants who are racially motivated but not fully racially aware, using teams of racial migrants as the movement’s initial activity units.

Phase Three: The creation of a legal political movement for Northwest independence, if this option is still open by the time we are in a position to do so. This will involve the bringing into being of a disciplined, fighting revolutionary Party.

Phase Four: The creation of an economic, social, and organizational infrastructure that will be capable of assuming political and economic command of the Pacific Northwest in the event of a Soviet-style collapse of the central government of the United States.

The Scouting Trip

It is vitally necessary that prospective White migrants to the Northwest make at least one preliminary visit or scouting trip to the Homeland before they make the permanent move, specifically a visit to their proposed area of settlement.

Prospective migrants must get a look at us, and we must get a look at them.

It must be an ironclad rule of Northwest Migration that no one simply packs up all their worldly goods into a U-Haul and heads in a general northwesterly direction, showing up on someone’s doorstep with nothing but a T-shirt and ten dollars in their pocket Early pioneers who tried that kind of thing usually came to grief. Ask the survivors of the Donner Party.

Every effort must be made to ensure that prospective migrants are coming to something, not running away from something. Prospective migrants, especially families, need to have jobs and accommodation lined up beforehand if at all possible, and they need to arrive with sufficient assets so they can immediately establish themselves in their new communities.

This project, in short, must be implemented by and for responsible adults who know what they are doing, who know why, and who are involved in the Migration because they want to put something into it, not get something out of it.

The Front will assist these responsible adults with that process.

For many years the only strategy for resettlement in the Northwest was basically “come to Hayden Lake and flop down in Pastor Butler’s bunkhouse out back.” Over the years this did result in (kind of) a community of White Nationalists and Christian Identity types gathering in one area, the Coeur d’Alene/Hayden Lake/Sandpoint district of north Idaho.

This plan, or anything like it, is fatally flawed.

First, mirroring one of the bogus nay-says put forward by people who want us to continue to do nothing at all, it really does allow the federals to concentrate their resources against us in a relatively small “killing field” of one small town.

Secondly, the population in remote rural areas is so sparse that newcomers stand out, and can easily be identified and targeted by the enemy. Especially at the beginning, we need to be able to melt into the population and become indistinguishable from the locals.

In addition to these considerations, metropolitan areas contain more racial diversity, and it will be far easier to work with the local native-born White population when there are minorities, and the problems minorities bring, to point out as examples.

Comprehension: Northwest Migration does not mean running away into the north woods and hiding from the government in a log cabin. We are coming to confront, not escape or evade. Any such attempt is pointless. Ask Randy Weaver how well that worked out for him.

No one is allowed unilaterally to secede or opt out of the System. If you attempt to do so, you will be dragged back into the System by force, like the Weavers and David Koresh and the Montana Freeman and the Texas Mormon fundamentalists were.

We are seeking to build a new nation within an existing country.

The realities of 21st century life dictate that our movement be based where the White people are, in the Northwest. That realistically means about two dozen metropolitan areas ranging from megalopoli to medium-sized towns.

Eventually the Northwest racial community can establish facilities in the countryside; indeed, we must familiarize ourselves with the rural Northwest and be comfortable in it, but we will not make a revolution from a few cabins in the deep forest.

On a preliminary basis, the following areas within the Homeland need to be targeted for the establishment of the first racial nationalist communities, based on economic and geographic factors. Jobs are reasonably plentiful for those with skills, and these initial colonies are spaced sufficiently close to one another to create a chain wherein racial nationalists in each area can offer one another some kind of material and logistic support system. There should be a racial nationalist presence in every state capital, so we can have someone on the ground to keep up with state government’s attempts to suppress the NF and drive us out. These will be our initial dots that we must then connect.

Idaho: Coeur d’Alene, Boise, Pocatello, Post Falls, Nampa.

Oregon: Portland, Salem, Eugene, Medford, Bend, Corvallis. The eastern part of Oregon is very sparsely populated and economically stagnant, and will be one of the last areas we get into.

(This also applies to eastern Washington outside the Spokane area, except for the small college town of Pullman and what is known as the “Tri-Cities” around Kennewick. Portland itself is frankly just as noxious as any major American city, including chapters of most major Los Angeles gangs, and migrants should concentrate on the white suburbs of these urban areas.)

Washington: Spokane, Bellingham, Vancouver, and the working class suburbs ringing Seattle, to include Tacoma and Olympia and Kitsap County.

(Based on experience, it is suggested that the Seattle “ring” consist of small groups of people in blue collar areas where White racial consciousness may be found).