Can’t afford to move? Adapt, change, grow stronger.

Can’t afford to move? Adapt, Change, Grow Stronger.

What do we mean by the 14 words and words such as we need to grow stronger.

The 14 words for those out of the loop “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” a well known and respected sentence from David Lane, the paragraph continues “Because the beauty of the white Aryan woman must not perish from this earth.”

Some folk have stated that this is a rewrite or plagiariseation of a paragraph from Mein Kampf.

“What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfilment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe.”

Is it a copy? Not really no, it is the same answer from two completely different nationalistic identity’s at both different times and places, the 14 or 28 words of Lanes are more of a summation of Mein Kampf in a generalised way and apply to American White Nationalism and Rockwells National Socialism.

German/European National Socialism of the past was a whole different identity that can only be achieved by acting on the words of people like Butler, Covington, Lane and Rockwell and securing an Ethnostate only then will we be able to achieve anything close to the physical, moral health and beauty of Traditional European National Socialism, wether you believe it to be Nordic or Christian.

We must grow stronger, in ourselves, our families and our local white communitys so that our children’s future is safeguarded and our enimys are unable to inflict apon them suffering either mentally or physically.

So what does that actually all mean to you.

How do you move forward from that.

What are the next steps.

Well reading Mein Kampf, David Lanes work and the White Book would be a good start but lets simplify things down to the current state of things today and start with just the White book also called the handbook.

White Book 6th Edition 2022

To download the White book click the link above.

The one thing that people get caught up on is not or incorrectly applying the action to these words and it comes down to the fact that most are looking for this grand leader or even just a White positive mentor that does not exist any more and will not exist until we start growing stronger and working on the foundations of an ethnostate so leaders and mentors of good moral character can exist “So that our people may mature for the fulfilment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe.”

Good leaders and mentors are not only forged from fire from struggle the success of overcoming A thing and being better than there forbears but also they don’t carry bad habits, the emotional baggage of there older peers and parents.
When people enter the white separatist movement they get this idea that they need this leader or mentor to guide them.
Some guru to guide them to the next stage.
And that is simply not the way the NF works.

If we take a good hard look at most movements in any political or religious authority in the last hundred years it is evident that most leaders were either put to the task by haste and necessity of nobody else having the balls to literally get things done or due to how leadership is perceived in modernity normy orgs, businesses and government most leaders are literal degenerate scum but have a conman’s class to them that draws in the crowds thus filling bank accounts.


You know one of the primary questions we get asked is I’m in the homeland I want to get involved where do I start.
And we always give the same answer have you read the books.
And we always get the same response silence or and emotionless blinking like a rabbit just about to be hit by a car.

Now how are we supposed to help you, supposed to guide you if you can’t even read a book and then apply the wisdom of those books in the real world.

I think the problem comes down the fact that a lot of these E celeb movements and the Internet personalities have been feeding your head’s with complete nonsense and simply conning you to give them money.
The old follow this guide for $599.99 to improve your life scam, we now live in a world where if we ain’t trying to fleece you while filling your heads with fear porn there must be something else underhanded going on.
But the fact is a lot of you don’t want to put the work in to improve your lives with out the visible incentive to do so anyway, this is not completely your fault it is the fault of both jews and capitalists.
You have been conditioned to want somebody else to do it for you to babysit you so you don’t get hurt or you need some grand permission slip with a jewish steel of approval.
And that’s simply is not gonna happen.

Now volunteers have no problem with helping and guiding people in there area in the homeland but if people are not willing to search for the fundamental answers themselves then there is nothing the NF can do for them.
this goes back to putting something in to the NF not getting something out of it, the only people that will fully benefit is the next generation in an all white ethnostate.

the fundamental answer is always the same, you act.

You take a good hard scrutinising look at yourself, not others! And like an overgrown tree you start pruning the bad so the good can flourish.
Now folks that have a good connection to natural law understand the principle here. In short stop Shitposting hypocrite and go tidy ya own back yard.

in depth that means to invest in yourself so you can invest in your family and community. (your local network/area of like minded angry White Men that want to get off this shloacoster nightmare.) these folk tend to get it pretty quick and end up coming home and getting done what needs doing.

There are also the majority folk that know hardly anything about natural law only modern ideals memes and what the telly or there church tell them to guide them.

the idea of adaption or change with out some sort of permissions slip is an alien concept in modernity.

Along with self sacrifice for the betterment of our women and children and the concept of self ownership for self improvement have become both dangerous and sometimes deadly in modernity.

Can’t afford to move? The cost of bare land is starting to go down here in North Idaho. So are the prices of established homes. My home was built using the timber from the land for the most part. These mills can be purchased relatively cheap and moved from one location to the next. Get enough people with skills we can build it ourselves. Isn’t this what we are trying to accomplish anyway. I would enjoy the hell out of helping with this! – Someone that went first.
Given the economic and social state of things today we can say with certainty that we are in the stage where the majority of white men and women across the global have nothing but the shirt on there backs.
in some country’s its been that way for some time in the inner city’s.
Or they are working two or even three part time jobs six days a week just to keep there car and rental property.
Most of our folk do not have a secure trade/skill that they can fall back on, most don’t even have a stable family they can fall back on thanks to the boomer generation sitting back living off a luxury never earned but at the cost of many dead white folk the generation before. (in fairness economics and morals was never the boomer generations strong suite given that there parents either came back in body bags or serious mental consequence of war that was never treated.)
The other factor here is what the enemy has done to the majority to the white race through destroying health, well-being and White unity.
Its never to late to be better person it cost only the action of learning to adapt change and grow stronger to realise we as a race need each other more than ever, yes its harder now than it was in Hitlers time but when life puts a brick wall in your path the only options available to you are to either cry about it or ask your neighbour if he has a second sledgehammer.
Thankfully most folk have not gone to far and the drive of community and the desire to help those of the same kind has not been extinguished and they have not succumbed to mixing there DNA with non Whites, most just have to live and work around them.

Time to change that. – The Reverend


As HAC himself said many times in his writings and on RFN, the NF is an organism, not an organization.

The NF was not just one man. It is all of us who work to see the Butler Plan come to fruition.