White Genocide is Mainstream.

I don’t have to make up wild conspiracy theories about plans to exterminate White people.  The plan to breed out Whiteness and replace all the ethnicities of this planet with more compliant consumer and labor units without an identity is published in so many books it would make your head spin.

In 1925 Count Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote “Practical Idealism” (a war to get rid of the European people).  Kalergi himself being part Austrian and part Korean.

Kalergi promoted the extinction of the European race wherever they exist. He came to the US in 1938 and became professor of history at NYU.
The autobiography of Kalergi, “An Idea Conquers Europe” was given to CIA director Allen Dulles… After WWII, in response to Kalergi’s requests, Dulles and George Marshall succeeded in having Kalergi’s ideas adopted by the US department of state through a large covert operation called “The European Movement”, influencing US and European governmental policy.

The vast majority of Europeans and people of European descent around the world don’t understand it yet, but the UN along with Western governments and corporations have been pushing this plan for almost 100 years…and it all started with Kalergi.

You can’t understand globalism without understanding the “Kalergi Plan” and you can’t understand the “Kalergi Plan” without reading “Practical Idealism”. The  modern “progressive” and democratic thinking,  Western socialism, globalism, and mass immigration into Western Europe and the USA all stem from this “Kalergi Plan”.

Kalergi shows the typical elitism and hypocrisy of modern “progressives” that you are so used to seeing today. For instance, he opposes “blood nobility” (people who don’t intermarry with other races) and the European rule by the sword, but then praises Lenin, socialism, communism, the French Revolution and the jews for their intelligence and “pure blood” (due to marrying jews only) and says they should be the ones to lead Europe. He vilifies rich people (aristocrats and plutocrats) then goes to say that these same people will be good benefactors for the future of mankind. He also promotes ideological dictatorship through media and education systems. He labels conservatives “anti-Semitic” and compares them to animals. This is all in the first 42 pages of the book.

Fast forward to 2021 you clearly see where modern “progressive” politics gets its thinking from. The media and education system is always “progressive” and funded by major progressive benefactors. Marxism, multiculturalism, and LGBTQ dogma is pushed in every college and school in Europe and America against peoples will and complaints fall on deaf ears. You can’t say anything about mass immigration, issues in non-White communities, LGBTQ or jews in western European countries, especially if you’re White. If you are White, conservative, Christian, blue-collar, capitalist, from the countryside, like European culture or are simply a White person who wants to marry another White person and God-forbid have White children, you are labeled a White Supremacist and ostracized or “cancelled”.

This book and Saul Alinksy’s “Rules For Radicals” will let you understand modern “progressive” politics. It’s a very scary thing knowing the truth. Prepare yourself accordingly it is a real eye opener.  The plan has been going on so long and it’s tenets are so normalized that even other White people are infected with the White Genocide “Idealism” plan.