The War For Northwest Independence Audio Series – 3. Turning Inward.

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After that arrogant old fart Mandelbaum had stepped on a major land mine in utter hubris by telling Shane he didn’t need to know who Shakespeare was, Shane turned inward for a time, and discovered books and discovered that it was possible to find things in books, to get things out of books, knowledge and images and thoughts that he had never seen on TV. and he started reading about a boy who grew up in Indiana before World War One and saw a childhood that he understood might have been his, and later on understood should have been his.

It was once said the Northwest War of Independence was a revolution won by pagan men and Christian women. That’s a pretty big over-simplification. Actually, it’s a damned big over- simplification. But there’s a goodly kernel of truth in it. That pagan man/Christian woman combination could be very lethal to Zion, and Shane knew from experience from his new family, the Wingfields.

Her name was Rooney.

This production is dedicated to the memory of David Lane, a true hero now ascended in to Valhalla and to his comrades living and dead.

To the ever lasting memory of the land of hope and glory that was Rhodesia and to those that will come after, from the time of the struggle we greet you.