The War For Northwest Independence Audio Series – 1. The Turning Wheels.

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At the end of the twentieth century, there was a Japanese college professor named Francis Fukuyama. He wrote a long, intellectual, and très chic essay called The End of History that became quite famous.

Francis Fukuyama was an intellectual whore who sold his mind for money. He was a tame academic who sucked up to the wealthy and powerful of his era, big time.

He told them what they wanted to hear and he reaped their largesse.

When the blank-faced white men in the silk suits said jump, Francis Fukuyama asked “How high?”

When the suits said run, Francis Fukuyama asked “How far?”

He politely avoided the mildly disturbing term plutocracy, and substituted a much more fashionable practice of publicly referring to the wealthy, corrupt, amoral, incompetent, discreetly homosexual Anglo-Zionist corporate ruling élite of the late twentieth century by the grotesque name of liberal democracy.

It was, of course, neither liberal nor democratic, but truth didn’t matter in those days.

Fukuyama argued that liberal democracy was the final form of human government for all time to come.

He claimed that the allegedly irresistible combination of liberal democracy and multinational capitalism had triumphed over all other competing systems such as monarchy, fascism, communism, National Socialism, welfare state socialism, and of course that nasty Islamic theocracy of the ignorant Arab peasants that persecuted poor little helpless Israel so.

History was now at an end, Professor Fukuyama told the world.

All that remained was to formalize that fact by taking care of a few little details and getting everybody on board and whipped into shape.

Then once we got rid of all those picky little odds and ends like race, and religion, and culture, and morality, and the traditional nuclear family—in other words, once we destroyed all that makes humanity truly diverse in the non-politically correct sense of the term—then all the nations of the earth would boogie down in one great conga line onto the great worldwide Euro-American consumer plantation.

There mankind would graze in the grass, dancing and singing and blowing dope and fucking anything with a pulse, bathed in the warm soothing glow from the television.

“Wrong, asshole! Dead wrong.”

Shane Ryan was one of those little details Fukuyama and his kind could never quite take care of Shane Ryan was a Northwest Volunteer.

And this is how we started the wheels of history turning again.

This production is dedicated to the memory of David Lane, a true hero now ascended in to Valhalla and to his comrades living and dead.

To the ever lasting memory of the land of hope and glory that was Rhodesia and to those that will come after, from the time of the struggle we greet you.