The Complete DIY Guide to Home Repairs & Quick Fixes For Your Home

The most complete home improvement manual on the market, this book offers more than 2,300 photos, 800 drawings, and understandable, practical text.

  • 600 page ultimate home improvement manual
  • 325 step-by-step projects with how-to photos, tools, and materials lists
  • Essential information on tools, materials, and basic skills
  • Comprehensive wiring and plumbing sections
  • Includes a remodeling guide, a special photo-illustrated section on contracts, contractors, and managing your remodeling projects
  • Tech-reviewed by more than 20 industry experts
  • Thorough index and glossary

Inside this book, you will find essential instruction on plumbing and electrical repairs, heating and cooling, roofing and siding, cabinets and countertops, and more.

Information is also provided on tools, materials, and basic skills, plus 325 step-by-step projects with how-to photo sequences.

The Ultimate Guide to Home Repair & Improvement also includes a remodeling guide and a resource guide.

Top to bottom, inside and out, this is the single, ultimate resource book for DIY projects and repairs to save you money when remodeling, renovating, repairing, and maintaining your home.

Download here.