“Your online messaging sucks!” Good, we want it offline… Away from the GUBU.

Online propaganda is like those letters you get from some (((company))) trying to get you to sell your house cheap, you know the ones that say –

“To the homeowner important information inside do not throw away!”

Then you throw it away, disgusted at the waste!

It’s the same with people that stand in the street with leaflets and signs…

Honestly, it’s more effective and safer just to spray NF on walls all over the place and get people talking about it asking each other what that’s about, or even better tricolor flag… We want to work with each other, not annoy people.

Junk mail, leaflets and random online posts are used by advertising companies because it spreads a wide net. We don’t need or want a wide net.  Big tents are for circuses and we aren’t selling anything.

The less desire in the deed, the less the deed is desired.

We can’t force you to do anything, well we could but that’s a different topic that Harold put into some good entertaining books regarding character and the stones the White man has misplaced.

Real world interaction create better results. Helping your White neighbors letting them know you are there for your brothers and sisters, opening their minds to a new nation built by action and deeds.

This is why Coming Home and building your own community of volunteers is key. You have the plan, if you are driven enough to read the books on your own steam, without hand holding.

You are capable of Coming Home and leading your own community, or even finding someone to lead it and supporting them. You don’t need a big internet tent… the IRA never did, nether did the Muslims.

The Flag of the Northwest American Republic