This stunning, easy-to-read book, by French-Canadian medical doctor, entrepreneur, and mother Dr. Guylaine Lanctot (pronounced “Ghee-Lane Lank-Toe”) answers many questions such as:

(1) Why are certain illnesses untreatable?
(2) Why do some people always become ill and others never?
(3) Why do some people die from an illness and others recover?
(4) Why do medical costs continue to skyrocket? Who profits from this?
(5) Why are some doctors or therapists barred from practicing and others not?
(6) Why is treatment remunerated and not prevention?
(7) Why are people still dying of cancer after fifty years of intensive research at astronomical cost?
(8) Why is the public not properly informed about alternative medicines?
(9) Why is everyone so unhappy with the existing medical and hospital system?
(10) Why are there so many medical organizations and government medical agencies? Whose interest are they protecting?

The main chapters of this book answer not only these questions, but other questions as well. These chapters are divided into four parts:

(1) The Problem. (5 chapters.)

In a nutshell, the author tells us we have “a medicine of sickness.” She goes on to say that “[t]his is true for the United States, as it is for Canada, France, or, for that matter, for all countries whatever their health system may be.”

(2) The Solution (to the problem). (7 chapters.)

Here, the obvious answer is “a medicine of health.” The author tells us that this solution “treats the cause of illnesses and prevents them from occurring.” However, this obvious solution is prevented due to …

(3) The Obstacle. (8 chapters.)

What exactly is the obstacle? It is “the medical mafia.” The author explains: “Officially, we are told that the system is at the service of the patient. But, in practice, the system is at the service of…industry [that] pulls the strings and maintains a system [or a medicine] of sickness for its own profit. That is the MEDICAL MAFIA.”

(4) The Realization (of what should be done). (10 chapters.)

The author calls this “self-health.” She explains: “The only one who has the ultimate power to change the system is the patient, the very reason for being of the system. The patients will take back their power over health and exercise their sovereignty. The doctors recognize the sovereignty of the patients and help them to exercise it. That is self-health.”

Each part ends with a very brief conclusion. I found these insightful.

Eyebrow-raising chapters are found in Part 3. These chapters have their own overall subtitle: “The Trilogy of Lies.” They deal with vaccinations, aids, and cancer respectively.

This book is packed with diagrams, pictures, summary charts, book titles, and quotations from others. One of my favorite quotes: “To vaccinate is to replace the natural immunity with an artificial immunity.”

The final summary chart of this book includes the following:

“The patient is at the service of the system of sickness.

[Patients] are exploited by:

(1) doctors
(2) health service providers
(3) pharmaceutical and technological industries.

[These three] make people sick and keep them dependent.”

Some people may have trouble with the first chapter (or so). This is because it is somewhat abstract. However, keep on reading. The information that follows is very interesting and becomes more concrete.

This book has no index. It does not need one because the table of contents is so comprehensive.

This book is NOT a doctor-bashing book and does not say not to see your doctor. It, instead, looks at the entire system or machine of orthodox medicine and even society in general. Doctors, to the author, are essentially a cog in the medical machine. To learn more about orthodox doctors, I suggest the excellent book “Confessions of a Medical Heretic” by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn.

The only problem with the book is that I noticed that the author uses specific numbers and statistics that are not noted or footnoted. You have to give proper credit to the sources of this information. However, this book is extensively referenced.

Finally, Dr. Lanctot was stripped of her medical license and not allowed to practice medicine for life once this book was published. (So much for free speech.) You have to read this book to see what the medical authorities/profiteers don’t want you to read!!

In conclusion, if you’re satisfied with the orthodox medical system, then there is no need to read this book. But if you’re not satisfied, then read this book and prepare to be stunned!!

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