March of the Titans: A History of the White Race by Arthur Kemp

An ardent and assiduous look into the heart of western canon, March of the Titans inspires bolstering pride and exalted adoration for ones own historic and patrimonial achievements and triumphs.

This book fervently documents the accomplishments and erring of Europeans and their descendants throughout history, covering almost all illustrious topics from the Paleolithic age to the modern age; to the ancient Greeks/Macedonians, to the Romans, to the rise of Christianity, and far beyond. The book also introduces the concept of Haplotypes to the reader, which meticulously dictate what is to be truly considered White and European, as not to confuse nationalistic or cultural predilections.

As well as sating ones dutiful curiosity, it is an accurate and accredited historic work in its own right, and an excellent piece at brushing up and becoming accustomed with an extremely numerous range of topics and periods. I recommend this to any person wishing to expand their knowledge with the most revered and magisterial parts of history.

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