“Blacks, and Mexicans, and public perversion and all that; these people and things are just some, among many, tools of the Jew in order to destroy a society which prevents him from ruling others as he believes he has been appointed by god to do. The black problem is simply the most visible of these tools … There really is no black problem, no Mexican problem, no faggot problem, no federal reserve problem, no gun control problem. None of these issues that most of us obsess about really exist in themselves. They are only symptoms of the disease, and to cure a disease you don’t treat the symptom; you strike at the germ itself. White people have a very bad habit of getting involved in one-issue politics, and we have to start looking at the big picture here. There are only two real problems in human society: The jewish problem, and the White character problem. The jewish problem is what the jews do, and the White character problem is why White men let them do it. Everything else is merely a symptom. These two central issues are the disease.”