Foundations Of The Twenty First Century – The Philosophy of White Nationalism By Frank L. DeSilva

“The White Nationalist, as an individual motif, also stands in stark relief, in that he, like no modern equivalent, sees himself extended, a hundred-million fold, as a collective consciousness, a unique and imperative part of the whole; yet is not subsumed, nor inundated with any strident form of ‘communalism’, that group-think of yesteryear, of mass conformity and that pernicious form of altruism. White Nationalism, then, is this extended understanding, put forth into the world, as both a water-mark, or level of measurement, for others to follow, mould their world-view, and share with their fellows.” – Frank L. DeSilva

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This book is excellent. This is required reading if you are White Nationalist. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel all the time, guys just like us have been doing this for decades, and some of them left us excellent works like this one. – Mr Nord