Big Tent Movements vs Organic Cells: People, Finance & Property.

Both modern and historical “movements” (both political and non) have used a centralized funding point where they concentrate their capital.

Non profits, charities and NGO’s have direct donations, government grants, websites selling knickknacks and even some illegal ways we will not touch upon here.

To a point. this works but the drawbacks are many.  If a movement is hit, be it arrest or infiltration, it can cripple the entire project in the implementation stage throwing volunteers in to the creek without a paddle.

Problems also include payment systems getting shutdown, money being seized by banks and governments, funds not being distributed efficiently or even bad players using the money for personal desires. The old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, is VERY important when doing anything the enemy doesn’t want you doing, and even more so for us. The acquisition and storage of money is a big target for the enemy because money is useful.

So what is the alternative of having money all in one place?

We tend to think of sums of money in its total, a nations GDP, the amount of money in a bank or how much I need to save for that car… but this is capitalist and individualist nonsense.

Collectively, if you need… let’s say that car for instance, you and your local racial brothers and sisters would be better off checking first what each other has in the way of money then pooling together to buy the car, this works with pretty  much anything, from big tools to small items.

Let’s say only one guy has a place with a garden big enough to grow food but not much room to  store it, again everyone pools together with a comprehensive plan and come time to harvest, everyone stores what they can.

The guy that pays for the .info site is an asset and does not keep the Party funds, no one person has it all in one place. Nothing is moved digitally, there are no records, and everything is done face to face.  Meaning, if one of us were to get killed or arrested tomorrow there are people that can continue on with The Butler Plan’s online presence unaffected.

Ironically this organically happened when .org was shut down, others came and filled the void.

Northwest Front (the website part) does not ask for donations, we the current dev crew foot the bill from our pockets, if one person can’t pay the rest fill the gap, that’s what family does.

You don’t join the Party to get something out of it, you join the Party to put something in, and this is ingrained deeply in the team, and should be in you too.

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