Allow us to repeat ourselves for the 158th time, again.

Authority, you either have it or you are searching for it in some fashion.

There is no authority online just the illusion of it, guidance and information yes, authority and action no.

Like folk that call the YouTube comment section of a channel a community by using the oxymoronic term online community.

Here is another term.

When seconds count the emergency services are minutes away.


The imperative is about bringing the volk together so when seconds count we the people can respond with nessesery and instant authority in that area of the homeland that require said response.

An online community can not do that.

It can raise awareness yes but action?


Just lots of White noise from many mouths that live a distance from the area where action is required.

And of course when folk agree on mass to organize its always the same benign SAFE action many have repeatedly done over and over again.

Tools on the internet exist yes you have gab and telegram, but at what cost and are they even needed.

Well folk sure as hell didnt need the internet when wars were won using horse messenger and pigeon.

The fact is if you want change and a greater authority the NAR you are gonna have to get out there and create it.

In your homeland, not on gab or telegram or any internet website.

If the internet has shown the world one thing like democracy its only existence appears to stifle change and not much else.

– The rev