Addictive personality disorder, fantasizing without creating, capitalist materialism and social, sexual predation and degeneracy.

What do all these things have in common?

The mental illness and laziness of instant gratification, blind lust to procure an object, or fulfil a desire or chemical need quickly, in the moment without recognizing future consequences to ones self or others.

Lust in its self is not a bad thing, as with most things like desire, want and even hope, its how we act on it based on our character being of sound health and mental stability.

First comes lust then love, we see a beautiful White person of our race we lust for an intimate connection to them, in the social and sexual sense.

Love comes from the deferral of gratification, we work hard and sometimes even suffer to win their heart so to speak, its the same for rebuilding a car, homesteading or even creating a nation, in order to gain that which we desire we must say no, and act on that principle.

Addictive personality disorder and social, sexual degeneracy comes from the jew promoting instant gratification magnified by capitalist materialism projected at our race, to non-Whites and animals this comes naturally, hence why niggers rape, steal, and do drugs.

This instant gratification causes addictive personality disorders because it is unnatural to our original makeup, homosexuals target there own gender and children because it is easy and requires little to no effort, more so now that they are a protected class by the jewish system, they were not born that way, they are lazy and conditioned to lust and not work hard for natural love by deferring gratification, thus becoming evil.

The same with addiction, it is easy and thus becomes a disorder (whether it be from tv and movies, watching sports or doing booze or drugs) they allow an emotional and chemical reaction of instant gratification, even in fantasy it is easier to have the feeling of winning at the end of a story than working and suffering to achieve natural things in the real world.

In order to change this tide of degeneracy we must say no, we must acknowledge that it is not right, to ourselves and those around us, we must seek out those who created this false reality and make them accountable for our wrongs, we must reject those that do wrong.

We must remove what ain’t right, we must tribe up and be better, even if it means shedding all that we have and becoming something new, we change, we grow stronger, together.

– The Reverend

old article Sensu did on his old site regarding cannabis and addiction.

The great cannabis debate…(oh here we go)

6 Apr 2017 @ 20:40

Should cannabis be legalized?
The use and cultivation of cannabis has reached an all time high (excuse the pun) with an estimated 1 in 40 households using it. it is safe to say that the law really has no say. it is down to the individual and there upbringing.

dose smoking cannabis have health benefits
One thing that could be said about the use of cannabis is how quickly people, cannabis users condemn anyone that says smoking cannabis is bad. It would be the same as eating your 5 a Day and also sucking on an exhaust pipe all arguments are invalid because you are inhaling carbon.

is cannabis healthy for you?
The health benefits of cannabis, what are they. For a start the consumption the non smoking the cannabis does have some health benefits. Substances in cannabis can be found in breast milk for instance the same substances calm newborns and relieve stress in essence the consumption of cannabis is ok in extreme moderation.

But what about the psychological effect now this is difficult for people to talk about because generally people don’t like talking about their own psychology. but the affects vary depending on the metabolism but it dose not make U crazy or change you’re behavior you do that.

Addiction isn’t the substance it’s the personality
it can be said that children that undergo higher or increased levels of stress or adverse childhood experiences become more addicted. Substance addiction is the lack of self control due to low self-esteem and adverse experiences such as neglect and abuse.