The Northwest Front is a political organization of Aryan men and women who recognize that an independent and sovereign White nation in the Pacific Northwest is the only possibility for the survival of the White race on this continent.


The founding fathers of the United States would be far closer to being White Nationalists than to any of the other political groups of today.

The men who drafted the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution were all White.

They shared a common cultural background, and none of them wanted racial mixing.

They limited citizenship to free White people of good character.

We don’t stand for hating people, we stand for freeing people, our people, from the yoke of tyranny and oppression that has become impossible for us to live with. We stand for preserving our race from biological and cultural extinction.

The Northwest Front is about building a new, better society where everyone contributes, everyone benefits, and all share a common set of values and cultural beliefs and a common racial heritage.

Does it seem as if society just isn’t working anymore?

Most people agree that schools have quit providing students a good education.

Why are standards being lowered and lowered again? People are victimized in their own homes by violent criminals.

Why aren’t the criminals locked up? And who trusts our politicians, our media, or leadership of the companies we work for? Why are our jobs being outsourced to foreign countries? Why are our politicians such fools and traitors who sell us out at the drop of a hat?

Maybe you’ve been thinking that there has to be a better way.

Maybe you, like us, want to be part of the answer to society’s problems.

You can be.

What can one person do? One exceptional man, Christopher Columbus, discovered America. One dedicated chemist, Louis Pasteur, found a vaccine for rabies and a way to treat milk so it wouldn’t spoil. One committed woman, Florence Nightingale, founded modern nursing.

One person can change a country, or even the world!