A revolution cannot succeed in the absence of the Revolutionary Tripod.

A revolution cannot succeed in the absence of the Revolutionary Tripod, the three conditions without which true change cannot take place. Let us review these three essential conditions for change again.

1. There must be a bonafide revolutionary movement, devoted to seizing state power directly from the hands of the existing power structure. Not conservative, not reformist, not willing to work within the existing system, but dedicated to its destruction. This is the Northwest Front.

2. There must be withdrawal of the consent of the governed, wherein a majority of the people in a country or territory no longer wishes to be ruled by the existing power structure and desire change. Not just any change, but specifically that power is assumed by the revolutionary movement, in this case the NF.

3. There must be loss of the credible monopoly of armed force by the state. Acts of insurrection and guerrilla warfare must take place, actual and serious physical damage must be inflicted on the enemy, and no one must be caught or punished for these acts. This condition is necessary to force the power structure into repression and acts of atrocity and retaliation against the general population in their frustration at being unable to locate and apprehend the real guerrillas.

The long term goal is to present the government of the United States with a situation whereby the struggle to retain the Northwest becomes politically and financially insupportable, and letting the Homeland go is the lesser of two evils from their point of view.

This is the way in that all colonial wars are won, and in order to win we must reduce our racial struggle to the status of a colonial war wherein writing off X amount of territory is an option for the occupying power, should it become expedient.

It is impossible for us to imagine such a situation at this time, given the apparently ironclad, permanent grip that the federal government exerts on all aspects of our lives. But we are not talking about doing anything within the context of today.

We are talking about the future, when a Soviet-style break-up of the United States into separate racial, ethnic, and interest groups is historically bound to occur. Nothing lasts forever, and the current order will not last forever either.

We must prepare for the time to come, when all of this is more than just paper fantasy, when the political and economic realities make our victory a possibility if we are ready to seize it.

It will take many years and require a big assist from economic and political developments within the New World Order to create this tripod in the Pacific Northwest. But it will happen eventually. We need to have the Northwest Front slim and trim and ready to break out at a moment’s notice if needed.